What is special about Camp Lavi?

At Lavi, we pride ourselves on having a family-like atmosphere where our campers return year after year and feel a strong sense of belonging. Camp Lavi is a caring community where personal relationships are a way of life. We take the time to develop meaningful bonds with each camper and we facilitate a warm environment in which campers forge unforgettable friendships with each other. 

How does Camp Lavi ease the transition for first time campers?

We generally have a pre-camp meet and greet in the spring where campers have an opportunity to meet other first time campers and some of our staff. The camp mothers call each new family to introduce themselves and answer any additional questions. In addition, the campers in our lower divisions receive a phone call from their bunk counselor during the week prior to camp (during staff orientation).

How is your infirmary staffed?

Our new modern health center is staffed 24 hours a day by a full time pediatrician and a nursing staff. Our infirmary staff is also experienced in operating an infirmary and summer camp in a Covid environment. Camp Lavi will now be working with JDrugs to dispense and pre-package medication for any child that takes daily or as needed medication in pill form.

What is the food like in camp?

The menu is well balanced with fresh fruit and a salad bar available daily. At every meal, alternatives are provided if a child is unable to find anything on the menu to his/her liking.

What is the Life @ Lavi Program?

Life @ Life is an introductory camp experience for campers going into grades 2nd-4th. Participants stay at Lavi for 2 nights and 3 days. Click here for more information

What if my child has a serious food allergy or has a special diet?

We have many campers who have serious food allergies or require special diets. We are a nut free and nut aware camp. Our chef works closely with the division heads, camp mothers and the individual family to make sure that the camper’s needs are accommodated. Please call or email the camp office to discuss your particular situation.

What happens if my child has a birthday during the summer?

We provide your child with a complimentary birthday cake. We allow your child to receive birthday calls as well. Some parents elect to pay for an additional party for their child’s bunk or division.

What is Shabbat like in camp?

Shabbat in camp is a very special time filled with a lot of ruach, dancing and singing. The campers look forward to the weekly Shabbat parties where they have a chance to schmooze, have treats and play games together. There is also family hour where both campuses get to spend time together. Shabbat culminates in a very special Havdalah ceremony with the entire camp.