Lavi Life

Camp Lavi

Camp Lavi is the Pocono Mountain's premiere modern orthodox summer camp whose dedication to the values derived from sportsmanship, friendship, respect and personal responsibility is complimented by its' balance of Torat Yisroel and a secular lifestyle. The professionally trained staff made up of educators, athletes, Rabbis and lifestyle experts nurtures each child and encourages them to reach their full potential in an environment which emphasizes Torah values, physical recreation, creativity and good old fashioned fun.

Camp Lavi is where intramurals meets ruach and art meets achdut. It's where a child's devotion to am-yisroel is as embraced as their drive for athletic achievement. A safe and structured camp life combined with the outdoors and commitment to Torah and its' values is what makes up the Camp Lavi experience!

Who We Are

Established in 1977, Camp Lavi is a Modern Orthodox, co-ed camp where we cater to the needs and well being of each and every camper and family. Our experienced and dedicated staff build a warm sense of family and take pride in getting to know each camper personally. Camp Lavi is an open and caring community where meaningful friendships are made, and life-long memories are created within a Torah environment. Our campers feel comfortable and at home and we encourage them to explore and challenge themselves everyday, enabling them to grow and reach their full potential. Here at Camp Lavi, we value individuality, and teach our campers that a person’s character and morals are what’s most important in life. Our Chinuch Program provides our campers with daily opportunities to enhance their religiosity and Torah studies in a relaxed setting.  Each summer we are lucky to have a strong Israeli Mishlachat which enhances Lavi’s strong connection with Eretz Yisrael. 

We are constantly improving the camping experience by upgrading our facilities and programs each season. It is important that our campers return to their summer home each year excited and at ease to be at their favorite place on Upper Woods Road.

Camp Lavi is a safe, friendly and cherished place for extraordinary summers that your child will never forget. We would love to hear from you and your family and learn more about your interest in our camp. Please contact us at any time!

Summer camp is a unique and special place where children make lasting friendships, experience new activities, collect a lifetime of memories and develop a greater sense of self-confidence. It’s a place where kids grow emotionally and become more independent. It’s a place to develop social skills and resilience. Summer camp gives children the opportunity to become part of a second family – their camp family. And Camp Lavi has provided this experience for our campers and their families for more than forty years.

Our Torah Environment

The Lavi Family is all about community. Each day we strive to remind and instill in our campers, the importance of unity as well as our mission of Bein Adam L’Chaveroh (respect for our fellow man). Our Chinuch department, which is comprised of professional Jewish educators, work together to formulate a comprehensive curriculum that is open, inspiring, and insightful, all within the casual setting that is camp. Each week our campers embark on a new educational journey, as they focus on different moral & ethical topics in their daily Chinuch sessions. Whether it’s in davening, bircat hamazon, zmirot on Shabbat or our famous Lavi Havdalah, our campers are truly living their Jewish identities. Similarly, in conjunction with our 100+ Israeli Mishlachat each summer, we truly keep Ahavat Yisrael close to our hearts and the root of all that we do. We place high value on inclusion, as we pride ourselves on our integrated Yachad program. Our Yachad constituency is a constant reminder to all of our campers & staff members of the importance of respect and acceptance