Our Torah Environment

The Lavi Family is all about community. Each day we strive to remind and instill in our campers, the importance of unity as well as our mission of Bein Adam L'Chaveroh (respect for our fellow man). Our Chinuch department, which is comprised of professional Jewish educators, work together to formulate a comprehensive curriculum that is open, inspiring, and insightful, all within the casual setting that is camp. Each week our campers embark on a new educational journey, as they focus on different moral & ethical topics in their daily Chinuch sessions. Whether it’s in davening, bircat hamazon, zmirot on Shabbat or our infamous Lavi Havdalah, our campers are truly living their Jewish identities. Similarly, in conjunction with our 100+ Israeli Mishlachat each summer, we truly keep Ahavat Yisrael close to our hearts and the root of all that we do. We place high value on inclusion, as we pride ourselves on our integrated Yachad program. Our Yachad constituency is a constant reminder to all of our campers & staff members of the importance of respect and acceptance